Feb 24, 2013 Closing Concert at Asterisk Magazine & Gallery

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Color + Form + Frequency is a multimedia event featuring live music, video, film, and original instruments curated by composer, musician, sound artist, and instrument builder David Molina.

The evening features electronic musician and instrument builder Garrett La Fever. He collaborated with Molina in the construction of the instrument and installation piece Memory Web, which also features reactive video art by Mickey Tachibana. Approximately 80% of the instrument was built using materials found at salvage yards. It features 28 piano strings and resonant metal and wooden body parts. Upon playing the Memory Web, the strings trigger and manipulate the video images. Visitors describe the improvised performances on Memory Web as haunting, dark, meditative, future-primitive, Japanese sounding, and industrial trance inducing experiences.

In collaboration with live sound created by Joshua Churchill, John Davis will present a two channel film projection utilizing analyst film projectors, which allows Davis to control both the speed and direction of the film. Performing as a cohesive unit, the two create densely layered, yet expansive, environments of image and sound.

The closing performance of the evening will be experimental filmmaker Anna Geyer. Molina and Geyer will perform Lost and Found, a live film and soundtrack. Geyer processes 16mm film by hand to create dreamy degraded images and color fields, which are both evocative and nostalgic. She then takes the film and cuts them into loops of various lengths. For Color + Form + Frequency, she will mix the loops by hand on 4 modified projectors while Molina performs an improvised soundtrack on various acoustic and electronic instruments, and found objects.

Tickets: $8 pre sale, $10 at the door
Buy tickets here: http://asterisksanfrancisco.com/colorformfrequency.html

All ages welcome.
Date: Feb 24, 2013

Doors 6:30pm
Show: 7pm to 9pm

Asterisk San Francisco Magazine + Gallery
3156 24th Street San Francisco, CA
(at shotwell and 24th)
(415) 839.9707