THE PYRAMIDS, At Duende, Oct 25, 2014

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Pyramids DuendeOakland Freedom Jazz Society presents THE PYRAMIDS

(Excited to debut a couple tunes Idris and I collaborated on!)

Saturday, October 25, Doors 8pm, show  9pm

At Duende, 468 19th st, Oakland, CA

Tickets: $15

Like their geometric namesake, The Pyramids seem like they’ve been around for a very long time. Their three self-released LPs command a certain hushed reverence over jazz collectors and fans of Sun Ra’s Arkestra, the Art Ensemble Of Chicago, and the AACM. With no more than 1000 copies of each album, fans were lucky if they clapped eyes on an original copy, let alone owned one, and they are considered treasured artifacts of an era. In the aftermath of riots and social upheaval over assassinations and civil rights in the USA, around the turn of the 70s, The Pyramids eschewed conventional jazz and major record labels, and took matters into their own hands, linking directly with Africa and their ancestors across the Atlantic.

Past, Present & Future

THE PYRAMIDS are truly at one with their art: Like Sun Ra and the Art Ensemble of Chicago they are part of the original movement from the 70s, but also part of the present and the future: Unique avant-garde exploring the musical roots of their African ancestors as well as looking forward to an otherworldly future in outer-space.