FEB 13 Ackamoor/Molina Duet

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Studio Grand FlyerFEB 13, friday, 9:30pm
Ackamoor/Molina Duet present “RITUAL OF THE COLLECTIVE BREATH”
Studio Grand, 3234 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610
Idris Ackamoor and David Molina perform improvised, ritualistic, cleansing ceremonies in the form of music. We play a multitude of traditional acoustic and invented instruments, which are processed with electronics. Using modern technology, Molina creates sparse to dense layers, which can range from hauntingly beautiful and meditative, to dark and unnerving soundscapes. Ackamoor uses his array of instruments anchored by his signature alto and tenor saxophones emphasizing extended range, explosive multi-phonics, lyrical beauty, and intense “outside” playing.

Set 1. “RITUAL OF THE COLLECTIVE BREATH” pays homage to the grass roots national uprising that has been precipitated by the deaths of African American men and young men of color at the hands of police.  It is a ritual to send out positive musical vibrations for the collective healing and “breathing in one complete breath” for all Americans of conscious who abhor the violence plaguing our communities from within and without!

Set 2, will feature more upbeat and rhythmically dance centered pieces ranging from 
Afrobeat, Cumbia, Dub, and electronic Bass music. These are new explorations featuring electronic beats/remixes which Molina has been creating in collaboration with Ackamoor’s soaring Sax playing.