Nov 9th: Performing at "The Future Imagined

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Nov 9 – The Future Imagined: What’s Next?

I will be performing music as “Transient” and collaborating with video artist Ian Winters on a new multimedia piece called “Dots and Dashes”. Using electronics, live sampling, electric guitar, voice, and my body I will activate a light installation created by Winters, which reacts to sound and movement. We go on at 9:30pm, but the entire event starts earlier.

This piece is being created for the opening of “The Future Imagined: What’s Next”, curated by Hanna Regev, and is part of the 2012 ZERO Biennial.

The exhibit features over 30 artists who have created interactive models, electronic objects, multimedia, digital video, augmented reality, sound installations, emerging forms and new genres installations. These works will seek to facilitate a fresh discourse about contemporary art in the Digital Age: One that is deeply rooted in the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of the Silicon Valley.

The exhibition highlights the interplay between artists, technologists and scientists as they converge to artistically test the limits of what is possible in a technologically driven world.

Time 6:30 till 11:30pm.
Where: The Performance Art Institute at 75 Boardman Place
San Francisco, CA, 94103
Cost: FREE!!!
More info at