Transience: The work of David Molina, exhibit at Asterisk Gallery, open now through Feb 28, 2013

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I am excited to have my first solo exhibition, believe it or not!

Transience: The Work Of David Molina, an exhibit on the art of sound.
I will be presenting a couple new sound pieces, plus past works i have done with my numerous collaborators in the Bay area.
Premiering will be “Rusting Souls”, a restored and modified Cimbalom instrument and interactive piece, as well as “A Dividing Line: American Ashes”, a 16 channel speaker installation about immigration, the border, and the lives that cross it or are separated by it.
The opening is also the release party for Asterisk Magazine’s music Issue in which I will be featured!

Where: Asterisk Gallery 3156 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
When: ongoing through Feb 28 2013.
Hours : open wednesdays through saturdays 11am until 6pm
cost: FREE!!
more info at:
To see the creation and progress of “Rusting Souls” go to my installations page.
CURATORIAL STATEMENT by Dorothy Santos of Asterisk Magazine:

Transience provides a retrospective look at David Molina’s theatrical scores and music compositions as well as his collaborative works with Bay Area artists including Garrett La Fever, Mickey Tachibana, Cause Collective, Susie Valdez, Victor Cartagena, Violeta Luna, Roberto Varea, and Anna Geyer. The exhibition presents existing and new interactive works such as Memory Web, which showcased at the 2012 San Francisco Fine Art Fair. For this particular exhibition, Molina will be presenting his latest interactive work, Rusting Souls, which entailed a deconstructing and reconstructing of the Cimbalom, an instrument originally from eastern Europe.

Spanning Molina’s installation works to a comprehensive discography, Transience assembles a collection of intricately re-imagined instruments, such as Homage to Musee Mecanique: A Game Of Time, The Chimes of Seven Spells, The Broken Heart Sings, a plethora of parts pieced together to create a multifaceted and unique experience of sound.

Hearing has the capacity to command our being by forcing us to listen and understand the world. The imagination works in conjunction with sound allowing us to envision our environment or awaken a long obscured tale. The works in Transience seek to envelop the listener into narratives and a tactile experience of music. With no specific starting point other than the listener, the exhibition emerges as a study of contemporary music making and how stories can be told through beautifully and meticulously strung notes by the artist-musician’s hand. Transience is an examination of how music affects our understanding of personal histories and interactions as well as our perceptions of sound.