Ghosts & Strings

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Ghosts & Strings

Ghosts & Strings or G&S, is my personal project to write music for no one but myself.  It combines my love for minimalist, ambient, shoegaze, space rock, post rock, and guitar based music.  Described by many as atmospheric cinematic rock, G&S  music has been used in many video, films, and installations.  Live performances range from solo act, to up to 7 musicians on stage.  Most shows feature live projections by video artist Mickey T, or 16 mm film maker Anna Geyer. G&S has toured Peru, Argentina, and NYC.  Music can be found on Dorog Records (Peru), Resting Bell (Berlin), or through myself.

Ghosts and Strings live at Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Green Show. Video projections by Jeff Diehl, 2014