Impuritan is an experimental rock collective from San Francisco. It consists of Alex Eliopoulos (guitar/bass/keys/vocals), David R Molina (guitar/bass/keys/electronics/vocals, percussion), and Pepe Abad (drums/percussion). Formed by Alex as a solo recording project, the lineup soon bloomed into a core trio plus collaborators. Current members are Bay Area residents with diverse cultural backgrounds from Greece, El Salvador, and Peru respectively. David R Molina does most of the studio production and mixing. Mastering engineers include Bay Area legends Thomas Dimuzio and Mark Pistel.

Impuritan combines live instrumentation, loops, and samples to create lush walls of sound as a duo, trio, or more. Since 2011, Impuritan has performed consistently at music venues, art galleries, and festivals – often with projections & visuals. They regularly tour the US East & West coasts, and toured Europe in fall 2017.

Impuritan has released four albums on Distant Spore Records (their own label). Their music has received consistent airplay on KALX, KZSU, KFJC, KXLU, and positive reviews from The Bay Bridged, Pow Magazine, KQED, and globally.

Impuritan is a sonic embodiment of life, death, love, hate, space, time, evolution and extinction. An abstract dream or visceral nightmare. In stereo. Wellspring eternal.

Video for Spruce from our latest album Altered Statues.



Alex Eliopoulos: guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals
David Molina: guitars, bass, electronics, keyboards, vocals, cello
Pepe Abad: drums & percussion

Recorded March to November 2015 at:
A cabin in an extinct volcano crater – Mountain Ranch, CA
DRM Sound – San Francisco, CA
Classic Cars West – Oakland, CA

Production: Impuritan
Recording/mixing: David Molina
Overdub engineering: Alex Eliopoulos
Mastering: Thomas Dimuzio / Gench Studios
Cover art: Daisuke Okamoto / OKAINA IMAGE
Art direction: Impuritan
Photography: Susana Valdez
Layout design: Giancarlo Samame Panesi

Alex Eliopoulos: guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals
David Molina: guitars, electronics, percussion
Pepe Abad: drums & percussion
Landra Bickley Eliopoulos: vocals (Death Trippers)

Recorded in 2016 at:
Impuritan sound lair – San Francisco, CA
Rhombus Room – Portland, OR
DRM Sound Mobile Studio – Ashland, OR

Production: Impuritan
Engineering & recording: Alex Eliopoulos, Mark Raymond, David Molina
Mixed at DRM Sound – San Francisco
Mixing: David Molina


Make It Look Like Nothing Happened

Alex Eliopoulos: guitars, vocals, bass, percussion, autoharp | David Molina: guitars, keyboards, electronics, vocals, bass, percussion, cello | John Lee: drums (Wax/Wane, Sun Goblins, Radioactive) | Owen Grace: bass (Wax/Wane, Sun Goblins, Radioactive) | Hakan Guven: drums (Hidden Daggers, Primeval) | Mark Raymond: drums (Monster Acolyte) | Sonali Sangeeta Balajee: vocals (Hidden Daggers)

Recorded 2013-2014 at Tiny Telephone, Rhombus Room, Haksphere, and DRM Sound | Recording engineers: Ian Pellicci, M. Raymond, D. Molina, H. Guven | Production: A. Eliopoulos, D. Molina | Mix engineer and sonic manipulation: D. Molina | Mastering: Mark Pistel / Room 5 | Artwork and design: John Benko


Alex Eliopoulos – guitars, vocals, bass, percussion | Robert Alonzo – drums | David Molina – organ, ambient, bass, percussion | Recorded at 2011/2012 at Tiny Telephone and DRM Sound | Recording engineers: Ian Pellicci, David Molina | Production: A. Eliopoulos, D. Molina

Mixed at DRM Sound in San Francisco, CA | Artwork: Scraped Knee/Matt Leunig

Impuritan live at Classic Cars West, Oakland CA, 2014