Impuritan is the San Francisco-based experimental/ambient/surf/noise/psychedelic rock project which started as a solo recording project by Alex Eliopoulos in 2005.  I produced, mixed, tweaked, and added organ, bells, and ambient tracks to the 2012 EP “Hijacked Artifacts, Treasured Forms.” Alex and I had such a great time producing this album, that he asked me to be a member of the band and I became a full time collaborator. Our first full length album Make It Look Like Nothing Happened (2014) features our song writing as a collaborative duo. It is available on iTunes and all other online distributors on Distant Spore Records.

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Make It Look Like Nothing Happened

Alex Eliopoulos: guitars, vocals, bass, percussion, autoharp | David Molina: guitars, keyboards, electronics, vocals, bass, percussion, cello | John Lee: drums (Wax/Wane, Sun Goblins, Radioactive) | Owen Grace: bass (Wax/Wane, Sun Goblins, Radioactive) | Hakan Guven: drums (Hidden Daggers, Primeval) | Mark Raymond: drums (Monster Acolyte) | Sonali Sangeeta Balajee: vocals (Hidden Daggers)

Recorded 2013-2014 at Tiny Telephone, Rhombus Room, Haksphere, and DRM Sound | Recording engineers: Ian Pellicci, M. Raymond, D. Molina, H. Guven | Production: A. Eliopoulos, D. Molina | Mix engineer and sonic manipulation: D. Molina | Mastering: Mark Pistel / Room 5 | Artwork and design: John Benko


Hijacked Artifacts, Treasured Forms

Alex Eliopoulos – guitars, vocals, bass, percussion | Robert Alonzo – drums | David Molina – organ, ambient, bass, percussion | Recorded at 2011/2012 at Tiny Telephone and DRM Sound | Recording engineers: Ian Pellicci, David Molina | Production: A. Eliopoulos, D. Molina

Mixed at DRM Sound in San Francisco, CA | Artwork: Scraped Knee/Matt Leunig