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Transient is David Molina’s electro-acoustic, ambient, experimental project. He combines traditional acoustic, invented and found object instruments with field recordings and electronics to create meditative soundscapes which can either be light, beautiful and haunting, or dark and disturbing. Transient has collaborated and performed with musicians such as John Ingle (violinist), Chris Webb, Polar, Garret La Fever, Miguel Hernandez, Kyron, Marco Eneidi, and George Cremachi; video artist Mickey T; and filmmaker Anna Geyer. He has performed at 2005 and 2007 International Loop Festival, the Chapel of Chimes winter 2005, The Lab, Noise Pancakes, the Drum Machine Museum, Galeria De La Raza, Noh Space, SOMARTS, Outsound New Music Summit 2013, Peru, Argentina, and Mexico City. He collaborates with performance artists Violeta Luna and Secos Y Mojados.


This is a collaboration Between film maker Anna Geyer and Molina’s project “Transient”. Anna mixes original 16mm film loops on 3 modified projectors, while Molina creates a live soundtrack as he improvises and loops himself on various traditional, non-traditional, homemade instruments, found objects, and electronics.
The video is a mix of still images on various cameras and footage shot on an Ipod Nano camera.

Rehearsal collaboration with choreographer Byb Chanel Bibene
at Crossover Residency, Red Poppy, SF, CA 2016. Note: the first 30 seconds go from silent to very quiet and eventually grows very loud as you hit 2:30 minutes!

For this live set at Noise Pancakes at the LAB in San Francisco, Molina utilized broken Auto harp, Flute, Voice, contact mic, electronics, and Axis 9 CDj’s. The voices you hear are from interviews with Latino immigrants telling their personal stories of their hopes, dreams, and nightmares working in sweat shops in the USA. All source material on the CD’j’s have been recorded and originally created by David Molina.
Don’t mind the funny random video in the back ground. It doesn’t match the music and I didn’t know it was playing behind me during the show.

The next video is from “Night Light”, a multimedia garden party at SOMARTS which took place April 27, 2012. 700 people attended this event which featured film, video, installation, music, performance art, light and sound sculptures! This version of Transient featured: Garrett La Fever on Memory Web, electronics and Bells; and Bethany Clemen on harp, bells, and vocals. I played electronics, guitar, broken autoharp, cello, drum, and did vocals.
We provided the live improvised soundtrack to the 16mm film loops of Anna Geyer, who mixed her loops live by hand, which were projected on the wall behind us. Mickey Tachibana’s frequency reactive video was projected on the floor and our bodies. Garrett and I also worked on the Memory Web a couple weeks before the show and added 12 more new strings (28 total), 4 bridges and 2 more tuning heads, and 4 new pipes. We used it in our set as well.