Jan 31, 2019: Transient and RiRaeRo at Luggage Store Gallery
February 1, 2019
San Francisco
The Luggage Store Gallery, 1007 Market Street, San Francisco, California 94103

8:00pm RiRaeRo
Ric Louchard, piano; Rachel Condry, clarinet and bass clarinet; Ron Heglin, voice, tuba and trombone
9:00 pm David R Molina’s Transient, featuring Thomas Dimuzio

RiRaeRo combines stories with improvised music. The stories tend to be very personal and the music has varying degrees of formal structure, and is also very personal. Maybe something like a soft conversation late at night in the dark.

Transient is David R Molina’s electro-acoustic, ambient, noise, sound art, free improvisation project. It can be solo or collaborative. For this concert he will be possibly be playing: pedal effects, Ableton Live, voice, guitar, invented instruments, and maybe Cello.

“Thomas Dimuzio is one of unsung artistic figures whose influence and abilities have substantially outstripped his visibility. Composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound designer, experimental electronic musician and recording studio owner, Dimuzio has been busy doing his thing(s) since the late 1980s with critically acclaimed releases issued by the legendary house of audio misanthropy, RRRecords and former Henry Cow drummer (and current Dimuzio collaborator) Chris Cutler’s well-regarded ReR Megacorp label. Equally fluent in a nearly every contemporary post-techno style, Dimuzio’s work clearly demonstrates an insider’s knowledge of older experimental musical forms such as musique concréte and electroacoustic, as well as contemporary ambient-industrial and noise. Thomas Dimuzio has performed and recorded as a solo artist and collaboratively with Fred Frith, David Lee Myers, Dan Burke, Due Process, 5UU’S, Matmos, Wobbly, and many others.” – Discogs