Mojada Full Poster OSF
Mojada, at OSF Feb 19 to July 6, 2017
July 6, 2017
Ashland, Oregon
Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles
February 19 – July 6, 2017 at Angus Bowmer Theatre.
Written by Luis Alfaro | Directed by Juliette Alexandra Carrillo
At Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Music and and Sound Design by David Molina

A new life—that comes at a price
For Jason, things are finally looking up. The terrifying journey that he and his wife, Medea, endured to travel from southern Mexico to Los Angeles is now in the past, and he’s found steady work and a bright future—or at least that’s what his new boss promises. But Medea, still traumatized by their ordeal, fears their nightmare isn’t over. In this retelling of Medea, OSF’s resident playwright Luis Alfaro blends tragedy, wry humor, Mexican folklore and a bracingly modern setting to unleash the power of Euripides’ ancient tale, seen through the lens of immigrants in the United States.

In this xenophobic anti-immigrant climate, this Theater production is so important. Please come out and see it! As one of characters says in the play “They can never build a wall big enough. They never will, but they will always try.”