RACE by NAKA Dance Theater, article and past show info
December 28, 2016
San Francisco
Tenderloin Forest
I was so busy working on this I forgot to promote it here!
Here a nice write up about our process by Dancer Group

RACE by NAKA Dance Theater
Wed-Sat, Sep 14-17, 8pm, Tenderloin National Forest and surrounding area, Ellis St near Leavenworth St, SF

RACE is a multidisciplinary artistic work inspired by stories of the Skywatchers Ensemble, a group of residents of SRO hotels in the Tenderloin, and explores the violent impact massive sporting events, technology and gentrification has on poor people across the world.

RACE is a tribute to the Olympic Games and civil disobedience, set against the backdrop of the latest 2016 Olympic Games in Rio and the tumultuous 1968 Mexico City Olympics and is part of NAKA Dance Theater’s ongoing investigation into racial inequity. The show explores the concept of running for your life to fit into a society that ignores the wellbeing of most of its people.

The work is historically contextualized by the tumultuous social movements of 1968 and focuses on: (1) The Tlatelolco Massacre – a Mexico City student protest against the government’s violent oppression where hundreds were killed and a thousand more arrested by military police just before the start of the Olympics and (2) The Black Power Salute by runners Tommie Smith and John Carlos, a symbol of solidarity and resistance against oppression around the world..
race-listen-to-the-gun race-street-projection race-music-set-up