Transient – is my solo electro-acoustic project.  It has collaborated and performed with avant garde musicians such as John Ingle, Chris Webb, Polar, Garret La Fever, Kyron, Marco Eneidi and George Cremachi; and artists Victor Cartagena, Mickey T, and Anna Geyer.  Transient has performed at 2005 and 2007 International Loop Festival, the Chapel of Chimes winter 2005, The Lab, Noise Pancakes, Drum Machine Museum, Galeria De La Raza, Noh Space, SOMARTS, Performance Art Institute, toured Peru and Argentina, and at various noise show in SF.  Transient collaborates with performance artists Violeta Luna and Secos Y Mojados, who often tour nationally and internationally.

Junkyard Dogs (edit) with Chris Webb
Under Big Light
Birth (edit)
War (edit) with Garret La Fever
Travis and Me
Live at Bypass excerpt 2

Kyron/Molina “Melting Point” – is CD is an electro-acoustic collection of live concert and remixes tracks.  Molina played cello, broken autoharp, flutes, bells, waterphone, giant kalimba, spring machines, mini tabla, electric guitar, and other home made or found objects. Kyron, aka JC Mendizabal, processed, looped, and re-mixed the sounds as Molina played them, while combining them with electronic drones and beats.

During the following year Kyron took the raw recordings from our concert and a few improvisation jams and produced multiple re-mixes.
Winding Waters
Melting Point Pt 2 Live