Soundtracks which I composed, performed, arranged, engineered, mixed, edited.  For a few of the following videos I also did the final sound mixdown and mastering.

Tesla Earth Day video, featuring a unique customized Model S, which addresses extinction and air pollution. 2015


Coalesse furniture brand video produced by Tolleson Design. 2012

For the new work day from Coalesse on Vimeo.

Vision Video for the Unity Lab,  a cutting-edge laboratory which utilizes innovative technology and transformational programs to promote Unity and Diversity. 2010

PBS and NIOT Documentary Class Actions 2012
It follows 3 stories of how students in high schools & colleges are fighting back against racism, hate violence, and bullying.

Dead Ink Archive by David Schendel. Featuring Sheryl Lee and Christopher Meehan. 2016

Dead Ink Archive 720p from David C. Schendel on Vimeo.

Musee Mecanique by Jeff Diehl for “Spots Unknown” 2011

Warping Minds at Fishermans Wharf – Musée Mécanique from Spots Unknown on Vimeo.

A Spots Unknown Video about Masterworks Woodworking, who salvage condemned city trees and then build beautiful bicycles out of them. Directed and edited by Jeff Diehl, 2011

Urban Tree to Bicycle from Spots Unknown on Vimeo.

Intro sequence to the powerful PBS documentary produced by Not In Our Town, which tells the story of an anti immigrant murder in a small village on Long Island, and how it affects and brings a community together. 2011

Stories in Video, Demo Reel, 2012

Stories In Video – Demo Reel 2012 from Jeff Diehl on Vimeo.

An Italian cooking show. I arranged, performed, and recorded the intro and outro music. 2010

This PBS Spark episode features a segment on visual artist Victor Cartagena, air date September 2008.

Halo 2 Dance video choreographed and directed by Brian Gibbs. 2011
My music music are the strings section and arrangements. Guitars intro and outro by Chris Webb.

Coalesse Designer Patricia Urquiola interview, 2012

Ball Lightening (click on title to see video)
A film written by Barry Gifford, directed by Amy Glazer 2003. I also did the atmospheric sound designs during the all the flashbacks. 2003

Video about slough near Candle Stick Park in SF, by Jeff Diehl for “Spots Unknown” 2010
It features music from my band Ghosts and Strings.

Mommy, What’s a Slough? from Spots Unknown on Vimeo.

Coalesse Designer Stephen Copeland interview 2013

Designer Interview – Stephan Copeland from Coalesse on Vimeo.

ReAllocate is a global organization that draws on a network of volunteer innovators, technologists, designers, and business brains to solve real-world humanitarian challenges. As a partner for the “Printing the Future” program, ReAllocate provided mentors, organizational and technical support to orchestrate a workshop for at-risk high school girls to learn the printing process and create prints of their own work.