Oakland Museum Of California, Dia De Los Muertos Exhibit, 2002

Soundscape Excerpt

An homage to Salvadorian poet, Roque Dalton, who was murdered by the U.S. funded military dictatorship during El Salvador’s bloody civil war.

Hundreds of ID pictures from the late 70’s and the 80’s were collected by Victor Cartagena in El Salvador.

The 3 walls of the room were meticulously covered with the photos. As you look at the walls you wonder who is still alive and who died. Speakers were hidden in the walls which played an ambient soundscape and Roque Dalton poem.

Installation By Victor Cartagena.
Sound Design, Music, and poem recited by David Molina.
“Poema De Amor” by Roque Dalton.

Homenaje at Oakland Museum

Homenaje at Oakland Museum 2002

Stills from Installtion