Ghosts & Strings – or G&S, is my personal project to write music for no one but myself.  It combines my love for minimalist, ambient, shoe gaze, space rock, post rock, and guitar based music.  Described by many as atmospheric cinematic rock, G&S  music has been used in many video, films, and installations.  Live performances range from solo act, to up to 7 musicians on stage.  Most shows feature live projections by video artist Mickey T, or 16 mm film maker Anna Geyer. G&S has toured Peru, Argentina, and NYC.  Music can be found on Dorog Records (Peru), Resting Bell (Berlin), or through myself.

Till We Meet Again (edit)
Ser Honesto
Taller Del Corazon 2010 Remix
Out Of Darkness
Try Not To Explain

Impuritan is a San Francisco-based experimental/ambient/psychedelic rock project which started as a solo recording project by Alex Eliopoulos in 2005 and has recently also become a live band. I helped produce, mix, tweak, and added organ, bells, and ambient tracks to the recent EP “Hijacked Artifacts, Treasured Forms.” It is available on iTunes and all other online distributors on Distant Spore Records.

The current live lineup includes Owen Grace (bass), John Lee (drums), and David Molina (guitar/keys/ambient sound)

Earthlike – is a collaborative band exploring the worlds of shoegaze, post punk, free and modal jazz, world rhythms, and heavy improvisation. Members include: Michael Calvelo-bass & guitar, Kiho Yum-Cello & guitar, Robert Carillo-drums, and myself on- guitar, keys and vocals. Below are 2 upcoming pre releases, and 2 old demo recordings. We will be recording new material in 2014. stay tuned!

Dirigible prerelease
October prerelease
Tropicana Anagram (one take demo)
Wild G Live at Epicenter