All music written, performed, arranged, recorded, mixed, and edited by David Molina, unless noted. Click on titles to hear tracks.

Light In the Darkness intro – Film. opening theme to the N.I.O.T. produced documentary for PBS. 2011

A Raisin In The Sun– Dance. choreographed by Brian Gibbs for the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre. Text read by Stanley Williams. Additional vocal sounds Brian Gibbs. 2010.

Coalesse Video 1– Branding Video. Coalesse creates high end live/work furniture. It is part of the Steel Case company. Video was produced by Tolleson Design, 2012

Ants Theme from Lydia – Theatre. “Lydiascript by Octavio Solis, directed By Juliette Carrillo. Guitars written and performed by Chris Webb.  Mark Taper Forum, 2009.

Acting Together Intro – Film. intro theme to a documentary about theatre directors who create during war time and oppression, directed by Allison Lund, 2010

Another Part Of the House samplerTheatre. a mix of 6 themes for the play written by Migdalia Cruz, directed by Roberto Varea, SSU, 1997

SpidersTheatre. music to choreography for “Girl Gone” by Mac Wellman, ACT MFA Program, 2001

Hunter DanceTheatre. For a dance in the Teatro Campesino production of The Magic Twins, part 3 of the Popol Vu trilogy. 2011

Eyes for Consuela – Theatre. A mix of 6 themes in collaboration with Chris Webb, script by Sam Sheperd, Directed By Julliette Carrillo, Magic Theatre, 1998.

Owls Come Forth – Theatre. for puppetry in the Teatro Campesino production of The Magic Twins, part 3 of the Popol Vu trilogy. 2011

Fur sampler Theatre. a mix of 4 themes in collaboration with Chris Webb, for the play “Fur” by Migdalia Cruz, directed by Roberto Varea for Campo Santo, 1997.

Love is Lemony Multimedia, music for the poem by Ziba Karbassi, for “The Translation Project” produced by Niloufar Talebi, 2005

Ball Lightening introFilm. “Ball Lightening” screen play  by Barry Gifford, directed by Amy Glazer, 2003.

Joyride Theatre. A mix of 4 themes in collaboration with Chris Webb, Script Greg Sarris, directed by Margo Hall, Campo Santo, 1998

Oh Say Can You See? – Theatre. from the Campo Santo production of “Purvis”. Script by Dennis Johnson. 2005