Memory Web is an interactive music, sound, and video installation. It features an original stringed instrument created by David Molina and Garrett La Fever, with video art by Mickey Tachibana.

It debuted with 16 strings at Be Lucky: The Culture of Chance curated by Hanna Regeve, and Justin Hoover, SOMArts Main Gallery December through January, 2012
It has since then been modified to have 28 strings and has was presented at the San Francisco Fine Arts Fair via The Mcloughlin Gallery, Vessel Gallery in Oakland CA, and again at Somarts for the Night Light multimedia event.

listen to Memory Web live performance excerpt
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How the installation works

The installation is activated when visitors play the instruments. Depending on how the strings are played, a unique sonic and visual experience is created by each participant.

1. An instrument was made of repurposed metal and wood materials from salvage yards was be built to sustain 28 piano strings.

2. Each side of the instrument has 8 strings. with another 12 strings in the center poles, 2 to 4 musicians can play the instrument at the same time.

3. The 5 contact microphones are mounted on various resonant areas of the instrument. These microphones run through an interface which is connected to a computer.

4. The sound from each contact mic is processed or manipulated via the music software Ableton Live.

5. The audio from Ableton Live is sent to another computer with the video program VDMX and to speakers or P.A.

6. The VDMX reacts, manipulates and creates images according to the frequencies, rhythm, volume, attack, sustain, decay, and string combination played. The video image is also affected by how the contact mics are processed by Ableton Live.

7. Final image is projected on 2 opposing  walls with the instrument in the center.