the following are examples of collaborations i have done with Mexican performance artist Violeta Luna.
I usually do the music and sound design live for these performances and there is a lot of improvised interaction between the two of us.

An excerpt of A Body Parted: featuring performer Violeta Luna, video art by Mickey Tachibana, live music and sound design by David Molina, directed by Roberto Varea, presented at Counter Pulse, SF, CA, 2008
It deals with the story of a latino immigrant woman who comes to the U.S. to work in sweatshops.

An excerpt collage from Miaz Transgenico, a piece about the physical, enviromental, and economic & political dangers of genetically modified corn. 2009
This piece has been presented in the US, Mexico, Colombia, Slovenia, Spain.

Excerpt collage from Atlacualo- The Ceasing of Water, a collaboration Between Violeta Luna and Jose Navarette,
performed at Counter Pulse SF, CA 2010
best section featuring my music & sound start around 3 minutes

Requiem For A Lost Land
a piece about the “war on drugs”, Narcos (Drug cartels), Corruption in the Mexican Government and US Border Patrol, and all the innocent victims who die in it’s path of destruction.