Composition, Arranging, Live and Studio performance, Recording, Mixing and Re-mixes, Editing, and Sound Design, and Live Engineering.

My rates varies on work load for each Contracted composition or sound design Project.  I charge an hourly rate or flat rate fee which is negotiated in contract prior to beginning services. My music catalogue is also available to license.

For Live Sound engineering I do an hourly rate with a 4 hour minimum.

Remember music doesn’t fall off trees.  One minute’s worth of original music can take up 2 entire days to complete, depending on it’s complexity and how many tracks are needed.  think about this: an entire day to write and explore and record basic tracks, another day to edit, arrange, and  make a rough mix.  Add one more day to fine tune the mix and/or make changes.

Composing and Recording is a specialized skill which takes years of studying, field experience, and investment in equipment.

Below is a my humble list of  instruments and gear I have in stock which have never failed me.  I also have access to other high quality gear, mics, amps, and instruments from other studios and professional musicians.  If I don’t have it or can’t play it, I can get it, or hire the right musician. Besides working from my studio,  I work at other professional studios as well.


software: Protools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Battery 3, and Q lab.
I also have experience with Digital Performer and SFX.

Hardware: Pre Sonus Fire Studio, MOTU Traveler, Digi 001, TC Electronics M3000, Line 6 Pod XT live, Line 6 DL4, Akai APC 20, Yamaha MG 12/4, Roland DJ 2000, two Numark Axis 9, Behringer 802, Alesis Air FX, Samson Q5, Kawai Midi controller,Ibanez Session Man, Morley Wah/Volume, Olympus LS-10, GigAport AG, and Ebow. I have experience with ADATS, & Yamaha O1V, and Presonus Live 24.4.2, and Various Mackie Soundcraft, and Allen Heath mixers.

I have had experience with reel to reel tape, ADAT and TASCAM multitrack recorders, but many years ago. I have acces to DAT and Mini Disc if need be.

Mics: AKG C 2000-B, two SM57, two SM58, Crown GLM 200, two Octava MK-012-01, Blue Snow Ball, Shure Beta 87A, Sony ECM-16, Deam Markely acoustic guitar Pick up, hyrdoponic condensor mic, and various contact mics.


Electric Guitars and bass: Fender Telecaster, Dan Electro, Fender Mod Jaguar bass.

Acoustic Guitars: Alvarez Classical, Ibanez Performance, Ovation Celebrity.

Strings: Cello, Appalachian mountain dulcimer, banjolina, autoharp, violin.

Keys & Synths: Virus B, Arp Omni, Small vintage Hammond church organ, M-Audio Axiom 49, Bontempi organ, accordion.

Winds: various wooden and metal flutes, and Harmonicas.

Percussion: Mapex Drum Set, and various international hand drums and handheld percussion.

Experimental & Foley: Many wooden, metallic and stringed instruments by Richard Waters, modified mother board; home made metal, wood, and stringed instruments; electronic noise makers and toys, and lots of found objects.